Monday, May 21, 2012

Signing my life away!

It is decided! I will be staying in Korea until March of 2013. After that I will make the journey back to Washington to see my family for awhile before deciding on my next adventure. I am not quite sure how I feel about staying longer, but I do have a great job and wonderful coworkers. Being in Korea is starting to feel comfortable and the idea of packing up sounds daunting. The good thing is that after I sign this 6 month contract I will have to leave and won't be able to sign again. This is good news because I will have to go home!! Which I am excited for.

I purchased my ticket for summer vacation. I will be spending 11 days in Bali, 11 days in Sandakan Borneo, and 2 nights in Singapore. I am currently planning the trip but it is a bit overwhelming. I can't wait for the moment I can swing in a hammock on the beach. I am going to Dokdo this week. Thursday - Saturday with 52 other foreign teachers. If you don't know about Dokdo it is a small rock Island between Korea and Japan. Korea and Japan like to fight over it. So we will be spending most of the weekend being brainwashed by lectures about the international conflicts associated with Dokdo. I already know what to expect so I am assuming it won't be too bad. I am just looking forward to the free trip and the extra time off work. Plus even though I think it is silly to fight over a rock, Korean people are especially passionate about this issue and I can appreciate that. So overall I am excited to go and see the beautiful ocean, ride the ferry, and spend some time with my friends.