Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring hasn't sprung!

I just started a new semester and school year at my middle and high school. The new 1st year students' faces are cheerful and excited to meet me. I am giving them 1 month until their excitement wears off and the difficulty of high school sets in for them (studying in a class room until 10-11pm at night). Poor kids. Life has been refreshingly nice lately. I went home for 3 weeks in January and then came back to Korea and received an extra 3 weeks of vacation (no desk warming!)

I spent one of those weeks at Emmanuel Children's Home, a place I have been volunteering at. I stayed for a week in a homestay program with 5 other foreigners. It was by far the best part of my life in Korea. During the week we taught English classes to the staff and children as well as made Kimbap, played soccer and visited a local temple Jijiksa. I spent at least an hour each day in the baby room visiting my favorite little boy Kim Ki Hyun. Being involved at Emmanuel makes me feel fullfilled, something that often lacks in my school life. Don't get me wrong, I have an amazing job...I love the kids at my school, but they are forced to study their little lives away and sometimes they can be quiet, tired, and uninterested. The children's faces light up at Emmanuel when they see me. After the stay program when the volunteers were leaving they all saw us off screaming, "Don't go!" I couldn't help but cry...even though I knew I would be back to visit the next weekend, I knew it would be different just visiting than living there. I hope to return in the summer to do another stay program. As for now I am trying to stay as involved as possible, visiting whenever I can.


It is still freezing outside, but I am hoping spring is just around the corner. I went for a hike with a few friends up to Geumosan behind my house. The waterfall was a frozen piece of ice! But the hike was nice and I hope it warms up soon so I can do some more hiking around Korea. Since living in Korea I haven't explored as much as I should. This spring I want to go to more festivals, and see areas of Korea that I haven't been too. I hope to go camping too! I am missing the outdoors life of Washington~

This weekend I will go to Seoul for St. Pattys day and have some microbrews at a foreigner owned pub called Craftworks. In order to find a handcrafted beer one must travel to far places in Korea, unless you are the type that settles for their subpar tasteless lagers. I am beyond ecstatic to have a tasty brew.

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