Sunday, December 12, 2010

Adventure to Busan: Fireworks Festival October 24th 2010

So this last weekend I decided to venture to Busan which is 2.5 hours bus ride south to the coast. They were having their 6th annual fireworks festival. Me and three friends Ellen, David and Eddie went together on the bus. Once we got off the station we had to ride the subway for 45 minutes (my first time!). After getting off the subway to walk down to the beach I felt like I was in a herd of cattle, there were soooo many people. I can understand why there were so many people, it was the best fireworks show I had seen in my life. We got to the beach and found our friends which had been saving a spot for us since 1pm or something like that. The fireworks show started after 8pm, so cheers to them for holding down the spot for that long. Sitting on the beach watching the fireworks has definitely made it to the top of my experiences in Korea so far. There are photos of the show on my Facebook, so check it out.
After the show, we met up with many other friends from orientation. After not seeing them for a month it was nice to catch up. I feel like we are one big crazy family, love them! We then went to Noraebang (Karaoke) that was awesome, me and Ellen killed Sir Mix Alot Baby Got Back. It was a fabulous night. Around 3am a few of us decided to find a Jimjilbang (a Korean steam room) where you can also crash for super cheap (10,000 won). The place was amazing, 4 floors of different saunas and steam rooms. We didn’t go into any of them because we were so tired instead we tried to find room to sleep. The fireworks festival had brought so many people to Busan that the Jimjilbang was packed. So we brought our thin little mats into the only area we could find room, a childrens play area. Little did we know we would be woken up in the morning by children who wanted to play there. I opened my eyes to a little boy saying “Hello!” it startled me enough to wake me up. I then had to take pictures of the situation because my friend David was surrounded by children and he was still attempting to sleep in the middle of the play area. Worst night of sleep in my life, but definitely the most entertaining. After leaving the Jimjilbang we headed to the largest department store in the world Sensegae, and we went ice skating. I had so much fun, and can’t wait to go to Busan again! This weekend we will be going to Daegu for Halloween, I am going to be wonderwoman. Well it’s Monday now and I have to get back to work planning lessons, but I just wanted to update you! Hope everyone is doing well :) miss you all.

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