Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let's leave the windows wide open at school when it's freezing...that makes perfect sense..NOT! November 17th 2010

So just about every EPIK teacher I talk to deals with this same problem. The schools leave their windows wide open when it is freezing out, so every kid has to walk around with a blanket because they are  freezing to death. No wonder they are always sick. It is so frustrating to have to wear my snowboarding coat, gloves, hat, and scarf all day long at school. I think it may be the most annoying thing I have encountered while living here. There is also the issue with wearing shoes inside. When going to a Korean household you take off your shoes (completely understandable). But when you go to school they want you to take off your shoes as well and put on inside slippers. Then I see people walking around outside with their inside slippers on it makes no sense at all. What is the point of inside shoes if you are going to wear them outside!?!?!?!?!??! So I buy these indoor slippers and I put them in the same closet everyday when I leave, mind you it is a closet no one else uses. So I go to school the other day and guess what??? Someone stole my F#@*%! slippers. So I wore my outside shoes inside all day, even though it really doesn’t seem to matter….so there school! Besides those two issues I really do love my school and my kids. Life is going well, starting to slow down a bit and the newness is wearing off. I am enjoying it here, and I have met so many great people which makes everything worth it.

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