Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am going to punch a 5th grader in the throat. November 1, 2010

Halloween was wonderful…I loved my costume and had a great time with my friends in Daegu. The only problem was it took about 3 hours for us to get a hotel because people kept turning us down (we think because they didn’t speak English) finally though the wonderful Sunny (our lovely Korean handler) helped us out. We ate at a restaurant with Western food called the Holy Grill, it was so lovely that we went back the next day. I had an Alley Cat Pale Ale from Canada…it was amazing, the best beer I have had since I have been in Korea. We got back from Daegu Sunday afternoon and now it is Tuesday and I am at school. Our fellow co-workers that will be teaching at the Research Institute with me and Ellen arrived on Thursday and three of them are living in our building which is nice.  Three guys and three gals… many new friends yay!
Tonight we are all going to look at the gyms in Andong and hopefully join one…This is extremely necessary since I have a 5th grade boy student who likes to yell “Baby!!” at me everytime I see him. He has also started making big belly motions at me with his hands. What really puts the icing on the cake is that now the other 5th grade boys are doing it as well. I am guessing that he is just saying it to be brat, because none of the other students have pointed out that they saw an extra tire around my middle. Let me tell you though I wanted to punt him right out the window of the 3rd floor. I am not that mean  so I just chased him around the school acting like I was going to beat him and strangle him. He is lucky I am so nice. I am very thankful that I teach 3rd and 4th grade where the students still praise me and tell me they love me. Thank God for that!
Well onto the next thing…I am no longer allowed to have my vacation during the times of other EPIK teachers because I will be working at the Institute. I had planned on going to Bali with some friends who also are teachers (one teaches at Bokju with me) but now me and Ellen found out that that will not be possible. We will have to take our vacation at the end of winter or early spring instead of in Jan/Feb like everyone else. It is a little disheartening knowing that I cannot escape to warmer weather this winter. I do think I may go to Japan over a 5 day weekend in February though, it could be fun. I think me and Ellen are planning on that. I better get back to work, or maybe I will start doing crunches instead of sitting at my computer. Miss you all!

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