Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Week of Teaching October 13th 2010

So this was my first week  teaching. Every Monday and Tuesday I teach 4th grade with my Korean co-teacher Nina who is amazing and speaks really good English. Wednesdays I teach at an English camp at another school downtown there are 16 3rd graders and it goes  from 1:30 to 4:30…it is nice because I get to sleep in, yay! Tomorrow and Friday I will be teaching 3rd grade classes pretty much on my own ( the home room teachers in the classes do not speak English) this will be a challenge. I am super nervous for tomorrow, also because I cannot plan my lesson tonight because the curriculum cd does not work on my computer. I guess I will be getting up super early tomorrow and heading to the school…fun…not! So it is Wednesday night now and I had my first day of English camp today. Already made one student cry :( the children here seem to get overwhelmed easily and think that if they don’t do something right that they are in trouble. Poor kid. I think it will get better though, next week we are going to focus on games and having fun, kids HATE writing English, which is why the one kid started crying. So after that problem was resolved the kids all made name tags which they chose an English name. I listed names on the board of girls and boys (some were names of my friends back home!) It was fun, I guess they like having English names which I think is kind of weird, but whatever. Me and Ellen  (she teaches 4th grade at the same English camp)  finished up our day with some Loving Hut food, it was fabulous. I am so happy it is almost the weekend, this has been a crazy week. There is actually a rock festival in Daejeon this Saturday,which is about an hour West of where I live in Andong. I guess there are a lot of local bands and it is FREE so you can’t beat that, which is exciting since I haven’t been paid yet. I am hoping to make it to the festival, it would be nice to get out of Andong and explore for the weekend. I forgot to tell you about the East Sea, we went on Sunday and it was gorgeous. We visited the town of Young-duk, there are known for their giant snow crabs. We ate lunch there and I had crab for the first time in years….I felt bad though, cause the poor crabs were outside the restaurant in a tank waiting for their impending doom. The town had a giant fish market which was crazy to see. There were rows and rows and rows of squid drying in the sun. I had never seen anything like it. On our bus ride back to Andong (2hours) we sang Karaoke  it was great!!!

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