Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Longer Sleeping on the Floor....Life is Great! October 8th, 2010

So just now, a small Korean guy age 27 put together our beds for us. He was so cute, but didn’t speak English that well…fortunately it was still possible to have good conversation. When you have a map of America, bad Korean language skills, and hand motions you can pretty much talk about anything and it is very amusing.  Anyway, he is going to be mine and Ellen’s new best friend. I find that if you reference any type of Korean alcohol, example: Soju, Mokoli or Cass, you can find yourself a new drinking buddy or friend for that matter. Cheers to our new friend, we hope to see you soon!
Also we have friends coming to Andong tonight from another city called Gumi which is 1.5 hours away tonight. They are Irish…I think that explains everything. So we will most likely have a fabulous time tonight, plus we are going to make pasta again, yay! Tomorrow morning me, Ellen, and some of the other EPIK teachers from Andong are going on a trip to the East Sea…so excited!
I miss you all! I will be posting lots of pictures soon on Facebook and also a video tour of my room, so make sure that you look out for that.
Love, Sav

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